Freedom Ville

Building a community vibe

In Freedom Ville, we are dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community, where individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and talents not only exist but learn to flourish.


Our mission is simple: to craft a more beautiful world that embraces everyone. We firmly believe that through unified teamwork, we can sprinkle specks of beauty across our planet.

In our journey, we explore different avenues of connection, embracing the arts and the wonders of nature. While we may not physically reside together permanently, our commitment to fostering community transcends boundaries. By working together with various volunteer teams, hosting artist residencies, organizing rejuvenating retreats, and hosting group gatherings, we strengthen the bonds of community that define our village.

Moreover, through our art and nature foundation, we forge lasting bonds with those who share our vision, inviting them to invest in the regeneration of our land or support our artistic endeavors, including the development of our open-air museum. Together, we plant seeds of hope and growth, nurturing a legacy that will continue to bloom for generations to come.


Freedom Ville, Malhadil serves as an idyllic setting for hosting retreats. Witnessing the emergence of a sense of community among individuals united by a shared purpose fills us with joy. The energy, synergy, and unity generated during these group endeavors are incredibly potent, inspiring us to prioritize retreats in our program. Whether initiated by our own team or arranged by external collaborators, we eagerly embrace all opportunities for collaboration to curate a transformative program centered around self-discovery, enjoyment, and connection in our village.

On a village-wide scale, we aspire to showcase to the world the profound impact that community spirit can have. Together, we are crafting a future where collective efforts shape positive change.

For more details regarding possibilities and pricing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email. We look forward to exploring how we can collaborate to create memorable and enriching experiences for all involved.

The quaint village street of Freedom Ville can comfortably host groups of up to 45 people. Our diverse range of accommodations offers an array of experiences, catering to various preferences and budgets. From lavish hotel rooms and apartments to cozy dormitories and charming pool pods, there’s something to suit every taste.

At the heart of our village lies the Taberna, a communal hub featuring a restaurant, bar, and library. Adjacent to the Taberna, a spacious pool measuring 15-20 meters invites relaxation and rejuvenation.

Nestled amidst 14 hectares of picturesque land, our location is designed to captivate and welcome guests from all walks of life. This vast expanse of natural beauty provides ample opportunity to reconnect with nature and integrate its soothing presence into your program.

The Freedom Ville team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is seamless and memorable. Whether you have inquiries about accommodations, facilities, or catering options, we’re here to assist. Moreover, we’re delighted to collaborate with you in crafting a tailor-made program for your audience, drawing upon our extensive network of local and international professionals. Feel free to reach out to us for further information and personalized assistance. We’re committed to making your stay with us exceptional.


Throughout the year, we host several periods dedicated to volunteer projects. During the summer season, we seek enthusiastic volunteers to assist with the hospitality aspect of our village and tend to the gardens. In the wintertime, our focus shifts towards maintaining accommodations, advancing village developments, and nurturing the land.

In exchange for four days of dedicated work, we offer nourishing food, refreshing drinks, comfortable accommodation, endless inspiration, and an abundance of love.

If you’re eager to be a part of one of our volunteer projects, we invite you to apply by sending us an email with your relevant work experience, availability and motivation. Your participation promises not only meaningful contributions but also unforgettable experiences filled with camaraderie and purpose.

artists in residency

Art is a vital cornerstone of our lives and the very essence of Freedom Ville’s identity. We aspire to create a sanctuary where art intertwines with nature. Hence, we extend a heartfelt invitation to artists from all disciplines. Immerse yourselves in nature’s embrace, draw inspiration from the surrounding environment, shift your perspectives, and infuse Malhadil with your unique creativity. It’s a place where nobody departs without leaving a trail of love behind.

If you feel called to participate in our artist-in-residency program, we encourage you to complete the application form below. Join us in co-creating a space where artistic expression flourishes and the beauty of nature is celebrated in every stroke and melody.


In addition to our commercial endeavors, we are committed to investing in the regeneration of our land at Freedom Ville. Our efforts include clearing out the forest and reintroducing native trees to restore the land to its original habitat. We’ve established a small-scale farm to sustain our restaurant, planted vineyards, and are creating a natural backdrop for our open-air museum. Collaborating with artists from around the globe, we aim to provide a permanent home for art within our village.

Your support, whether big or small, is invaluable to us. By donating to one of our art or planting projects, you become an integral part of our mission to restore, revive, and replant the seeds necessary for an eco-village to thrive.

You can support us in small and in big numbers by donating to one of our art or planting projects. Together we restore, revive and replant all the seeds needed for a eco village to thrive.
Malhadil: Where art seamlessly merges with nature.


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