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Official opening 10 August 2024

After two years of construction we are almost ready for our Grand Opening. From the 10th of August we will officially open our boutique resort with full capacity. From this moment on we will be able to host 25-40 people in our 17 unique accomodations. From June 2024 we will gradually open the rooms that have already been finished. As we are still partly under construction, the photo galleries per accomodation are not ready yet. We encourage you to take a walk on the wild side and embrace our blind booking concept. Take a look at the individual room descriptions, and choose whatever resonates with you. Who doesn’t love a surprise?!



The world is our home. The sky is the limit. Our vision is to revive the village of Malhadil. To create a piece of paradise called Freedom Ville. An environment where people can live free. Our family permanent, and our guests temporarily. Independent of institutions and supported by the community. A place where we can explore ourselves and all interconnectivity. Break through programs and patterns that create imaginary boundaries. We want to create a space where nature thrives and people smile. A place where life comes in first, and not in second place. 


Malhadil portugal

Freedom Ville is situated in the village of Malhadil. A village that was founded in the 1930’s by four local families. The original inhabitants built the schist houses by hand and cultivated the land for agriculture. Over the years men started migrating for better job opportunities, slowly abandoning the village. Before we bought the Malhadil, the village had been deserted for about 40 years.
Malhadil is located between to mountains that are separated by a little river. Or ribeirinha as the Portuguese call it. It runs in the winter but unfortunately dries up in the early summer.
The old part of the village was on the other side of the river. The main village was later constructed in the part where we are now building Freedom Ville.
In front of our taberna you still find the border stone between the two districts that Malhadil is part of. One side of the village is in Santo André das Tojeiras, and the other part lies in Sarzedas. 


Freedom Ville is an ideal destination for hosting retreats, workshops, or team-building activities. With the capacity to accommodate groups ranging from 35 to 50 people, our village offers ample space for immersive experiences. Spanning across 14 hectares of lush land, our surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for incorporating nature into your program.

At the heart of our village lies the Taberna, a communal hub featuring a restaurant, bar, and library. Adjacent to the Taberna, a spacious pool measuring 15-20 meters invites relaxation and rejuvenation.

Breathwork at community site Freedom Ville Portugal

We welcome both externally organized retreats and those seeking guidance in crafting the perfect retreat experience. Our dedicated team is available to offer advice and connect you with professionals from our extensive network, ensuring your retreat exceeds expectations.

If you’re interested in organizing a retreat at Freedom Ville, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re eager to tailor a custom proposal that aligns with your preferences, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


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